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The 7 Surprising Ways Stars Socialize

Perhaps 2020 is not the best year to think about being social – unless, of course, it is from a distance. One day, hopefully in the not-so distant future, we will be able to return not only to seeing our friends in the flesh, but to start planning actual social events. Remember that? When we would dedicate sections of our schedules to getting together with those that meant the most to us and having a cocktail (or five), or spending our Saturday mornings quaffing refreshing mimosas and munching on avocado toast at brunch with our best friends? Doesn’t that seem like a lifetime ago?

Though you might not feel comfortable making these kinds of plans again just yet, the day will eventually come. In the meantime, while we stick to small gatherings at socially safe distances, we can plan potential get-togethers in our heads and strategize about ultimate enjoyment once again. Until then, what better way to gain inspiration than to take a look at some of the ways in which our favorite celebrities socialize?

7 Ways

1. Cocktail Parties

Sometimes also referred to as cocktail receptions, these parties are kept short and sweet, making them the perfect option to fit into even the tightest of schedules. They are the perfect event to get you back into the spirit of things as cocktail parties are usually kept under two hours. The general rule of thumb at a party of this nature is to keep conversation light, the atmosphere cheerful and, where possible, to remain standing.

outdoor classy party

Private cocktail parties mean celebrities can let their hair down without the worry of pesky paparazzi around every corner. They are a great way for celebrities to socialize away from the public eye. Of course, some famous faces may take to their personal social media accounts to document events of the night, but this is at their own free will.

Before actress Sofia Vergara married Joe Manganiello in 2015, the couple threw a pre-wedding cocktail party for their closest friends and family. While this party was on the more opulent side of cocktail, it was a terrific way for the couple to spend time with their loved ones before their wedding celebrations, which were a lot more public and an entirely star-studded affair.

2. Award Shows and Red Carpet Events

formal eventAward shows are events many of us have access to – though the caliber of the show most people attend is unlikely to be as prestigious as something like the Academy Awards. Celebrities’ version of ‘Employee of the Month’ or ‘Peer Recognition’ awards come in the form of award season. From early January to late February, some of the biggest stars in the world put on their finest gowns and head to their glorified workplace awards.

From a social perspective, this gives celebrities the chance to catch up with their colleagues and friends on a glittery, global scale. Many actors become friends with their co-stars on the set of movies and television shows, and when they get together outside of work, their fans go completely wild. Award shows make it possible for fans across the world to enjoy a very well-publicized meetup. From the Golden Globes to the Grammy Awards and countless other shows and festivals throughout the year, celebrity award shows make for a meetup scene worthy of another world.

To make your first social gathering one to remember, make it award show themed. Get creative with the planning and make up awards that you can give out to partiers – the ultimate celebration of life for surviving everything 2020 has thrown at you.

3. Internet

zoom callThey may be all about that jet-set lifestyle, but as it turns out, when a global pandemic strikes, celebrities are pretty much like the rest of us. While they may be quarantining in a little more square-footage than most, the stars also appear to be making use of the internet during the globally imposed lockdown 2020 has turned out to be.

With talk show hosts conducting video-link interviews and Zooming being the new ‘grabbing a coffee,’ a whole host of stars have taken to video calling apps in recent months, from Jon Bon Jovi to Matthew McConaughey. Be sure to check out some of the best (and worst) celebrity homes from their recent Zoom calls, right here.

If you have come into your own on Zoom in 2020, why don’t you take things to the next level and join some mixer meetings on Zoom? If you aren’t quite ready to be in the same room as all your friends, but fancy a big meet-up, VideoSocialize caters for a wide range of hobbies and interests.

One of the celebrities that has been particularly vocal on video chatting software in recent months is Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. Live-streaming weekly while the world was in lockdown, the famous strongman was putting his own unique twist on typical Q&A sessions with fans.

In spring 2020, the internet proved once again to be the saving grace for music. When the world was slowly closing down country by country, the World Health Organization, Global Citizen, Lady Gaga and over 100 other artists came together online and staged a musical event on an unprecedented scale. #TogetherAtHome saw the likes of Chris Martin, Lady Gaga, and even The Rolling Stones play for fans, live from their living rooms during an 8-hour live broadcast, raising almost $130 million.

4. At Work

actors walkingJust because you’re working with someone doesn’t mean you can’t be social with them too. While the average working day of a celebrity might not be 8 hours in a fluorescently lit office, it is no less important for them to be as social as possible at work, whether it is the set of a music video, a magazine shoot or a movie.

Socializing with your coworkers can really help to strengthen relationships with the people you spend considerable time with, quickly equating to better teamwork. From Kate and Leo to George and Brad, click here to see more of the stars who have actually found their best friends by being social at work.

While you might not be in the office at the moment, be sure to reach out to all of your colleagues and keep in regular contact with people on your team. Video and instant messaging is a quick and simple way to do this. When you do go back into the office, be sure to check in with everyone and let people know that you are happy to be back working together.

5. Hanging Out at Home

get together in home

Probably one of the most underrated ways to socialize is having people visit your home. It is certainly a great way to guarantee privacy, which can be of particular importance to many famous faces. As one way stars can be sure that there will be no paparazzi waiting for them when they leave, home-based get-togethers can allow celebrities to be themselves and relax with their closest companions.

Some famous faces will take to their social media accounts to share what is happening, but they remain in full control of what they share with fans and what stays behind closed doors. Famous best friends Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox are fans of low-key home hangouts, regularly updating their socials with pictures, sending fans completely crazy. Their most recent lockdown get together was definitely one of the cutest.

Having a house party can be a fun way to socialize with some of your closest friends. You can control who comes into your house and what music is played, and the best part is that you don’t have to deal with snooty strangers and crowded bars just to see your friends.

6. VIP Lounges and Private Member Clubs

woman at social locationMany celebrities like partying – for some, knowing how to have a good time is the main reason they are famous. In the age of the ‘socialite’, VIP lounges and private member clubs are increasingly becoming the place to be seen. Hangouts such as Cirque le Soir in London allow a limited crowd amidst burlesque-themed entertainment. Celebrities head to exclusive bars of this nature with their friends, who are fully aware of the fact that there will be flashbulbs waiting for them when they leave. Miley Cyrus, Nicole Scherzinger, Rihanna, and Cara Delevingne are just a few who have partied the night away at Cirque le Soir in recent years.

While getting into a bar that is a celebrity favorite may be one thing, joining them in their private club lounges is quite another. The Arts Club in London is an impressive meeting place for the rich and famous, bringing several worlds together – from the finest fashion designers to the biggest photographers, architects, and musicians in the world. Once the Club’s committee has elected you, you must pay a membership fee of a few thousand pounds, followed by £2,000 annually just to keep your membership. However, this is small change in comparison with Core in New York. At Core, you become a member by referral only, and it can cost up to $50,000 to join and counts President Bill Clinton among its existing members.

While this one can be a little more difficult to recreate, it’s always fun to know that our favorite celebrities have somewhere to let their hair down.

7. Restaurants

group eating at restaurantBelieve it or not, many famous faces actually like to eat out at fancy restaurants in cities across the world. Hakkasan in London’s Mayfair district is a hotspot for celebrities seeking Cantonese cuisine and the ultimate fine dining experience. Everyone from Naomi Campbell to Britney Spears has been seen dining at this super-trendy eatery.

Meanwhile, arguably one of the most famous, high-end restaurants in the world, Nobu is an all-round star favorite. Co-owned by Hollywood royalty Robert DeNiro, Nobu has branches across the USA, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and South America, making it a perfect fit for even the most chaotic of jet-set lifestyles.

Planning a comeback get-together in a restaurant may be the way forward for those of us who do not want to socialize with too many people, nor tidy up after hosting a house party. Be sure to book your favorite restaurant well in advance to ensure availability and check out what they’re serving, as lots of places are operating with restricted menus.


One day, we will all be able to walk into our favorite bar and sit down with our friends without giving it another thought. If you’re not there yet, don’t fret. Plan your comeback soirée, and in the meantime, be sure to check out VideoSocialize for the ultimate selection of mixer meetings for you and all of your friends.

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